Thursday, 24 June 2010

Busy, Busy Bees

I have been very inattentive to the virtual world over the last week or so but I do have a good excuse, oh honest I do!  I have been very hard at work drawing and drawing and drawing.  
I've spent some time on the Delamere forest picture i showed you before getting it cleaned up and scanning it and generally readying it for an assault of colour, I am slightly nervous about attacking it with a paint brush, I'm always so worried that I will spoil what I've worked so hard on that I stay my hand and hang back and it gets harder and harder to take that first step.
I have it in my head that maybe colouring it digitally would be less frightening and so I may have a go at that too.
In the meantime I have been distracting myself drawing a whole new adventure for those little children, inspired by the lovely teaparty preparations over at A Fanciful Twist  I decided that the little darlings shouldn't miss out on all the fun and so they are set to have a Mad Tea Party all of their own. What fun, fun, fun :)

Do come by and have a sticky bun with us all on Saturday, we do love a good gossip over a cup of tea :)
Bye, bye for now dear friends, see you ever so soon xxx

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